MDPC Youth Internship Application

The purpose of the MDPC Youth Intern Program is twofold:
1. To provide an opportunity for learning and training for future ministry
2. To encourage middle school and high school students to trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to become involved in the life, worship, and mission of Christ’s church. :

Applicant Requirements:
• Must have completed a minimum of sophomore year in college
• Possess a strong and growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a firm commitment to serve His church
• Clear self-identity and ability to set proper personal boundaries in ministry
• Have a teachable, willing servant’s heart
• Eagerness to lead and be self-motivated in planning, creating, and implementing programs
• Must pass MDPC Background Check

Duration of position:
Middle School: May 19 - August 4
High School: May 19- August 4

Overnight Events(required attendance):
• Intern Training: one night retreat, May 22-23
• 7th & 8th Grade Mission Trip: June 2-8 (MS Interns only)
• High School Mission Trip: June 15-21 (HS Interns only)
• 6th Grade Mission Trip: June 26-27 (MS Interns only) :

Responsibilities: Assist the Youth Ministry Staff in the planning and leading of youth programs for Middle School and High School.
Responsibilities include:

- Sunday Morning Connection Program (Sunday School)
- Scheduled weekly Bible studies
- Scheduled weekly fellowship programs
- Service projects and mission trips
- Other special events or trips

• Build relationships with students through weekly visits, e-mails, letters, & phone calls
• Prayerfully guide students toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
• Counsel and support students, being a positive example and above reproach

Youth Ministry interns will work under the administration and supervision of the Youth Ministry Staff, being subject to the guidelines of the Session through the Personnel Committee. :

Salaried position: Contact Laura Miller at, Youth Ministries Director, for more information.:

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* Note: Because of our schedule, summer school is not permissible and personal vacation time is discouraged with this summer intern position. If you have conflicts, please let us know in the space below.

*College Information: Please include College(s), City, Dates Attended, Major, GPA, Degree Awarded & High School:
*Church Affiliation:
*Will you require housing for the summer?
*Do you have access to a car for the summer?
*Please put your 1st and 2nd choice preference for working with Middle School (grades 6-8) or High School (grades 9-12):
*Pastoral Reference: List name, e-mail, phone, relationship to self: (reference forms will be e-mailed after application submission)
*Academic / Personal / Professional Reference 1: List name, e-mail, phone, relationship to self:
*Academic / Personal / Professional Reference 2: List name, e-mail, phone, relationship to self:
*What do you feel should be the goals of Youth Ministry?
*What goals would you like to accomplish this summer? How would you accomplish them?
Please list two reasons, in order of priority, for seeking this position.
*Indicate work skills and / or personality traits that you feel will contribute to your being effective as an intern:
*What do you see as one of the major issues facing youth today? How should the Church respond?
*What experience(s) have you had in the past six months that have contributed to your personal growth? 
*Briefly, write your statement of faith, including your beliefs about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Church:
EMPLOYMENT: Please list Employer, Telephone, Dates of Employment, and Type of Work.
*Have you ever used illegal drugs? If yes, please explain.:
*Have you ever gone through treatment for alcohol or drug abuse? If yes, please explain:
*Have you ever been asked to step away from ministry or work with students or children in any setting - paid or volunteer?:
*Is there anything in your past or current life that might be a problem if we found out about it later? if yes, please explain.:
*Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, explain.:
*Are you willing to be fingerprinted for a criminal record check?:
*Have you ever been accused of any form of molestation or abuse? If yes, please explain.:
I have read the MDPC Youth Ministry Summer Intern Job Description and I fully understand its requirements, salary and employment start & end dates.
In addition, by signing this form. I give Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church the authority to complete a criminal history and background check at any time and for any reason.
I hereby release from liability Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church and its representatives for seeking such information, and all other persons, corporations or organizations for furnishing such information. 
I hereby certify that all information provided herein is true and correct. I understand that providing false information could result in disqualification from working with children and youth.
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