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MDPC Coach Covenant

As I am taking on a high moral responsibility in assuming the role of a coach of a MDPC Athletic Team, I will abide by the following covenants:
  • I will place the spiritual emotional and physical well-being of my team members ahead of any personal desire to win.
  • I will always remember the game is for the players, not the parents or coaches, and will coach accordingly.
  • I will provide a safe and healthy environment for my players. I will be on time or make sure another coach is present and on time for all practices. I will stay with my players until all are picked up by their parent/guardian.
  • I will lead by example, in refraining from use of drug, alcohol, and tobacco products. I will also lead by example in refraining from abusive language/behavior.
  • I will encourage and model Christian love, fair play, and sportsmanship towards other teams, officials, parents and team members at all practices and games.
  • I will treat and require my team members, parents and other coaches to treat all players, coaches, fans and officials with respect.
  • I will insure that I am knowledgeable in the rules of the sport that I coach and will teach the rules to my players in a manner so as to promote a positive self image.
  • I will try to play everybody equal amounts of time and I will coach all the players, not just the good ones. I will remember that the Sports and Recreation Ministry at MDPC emphasizes participation, not winning.

    I will remember to have fun and to make it fun for those participating.

I have read, understand and agree with the Coach's Covenant.

Player and Parent Covenant

I will review the Player and Parent Covenants with the players and their parents.