Yellow School Parent Evaluation

For each of the statements using the 0 1 2 3 scale, select  the number which most accurately reflects your opinion. Use the following scale:

0 - Don't know or does not apply
1 - Disagree
2 - Neutral/No opinion
3 - Agree

Comments and suggestions on individual items would be greatly appreciated.

Your child's Teacher's Name:
Name of person filling out survey (optional):
1. I felt welcome in the school.:
1. Comments/Suggestions:
2. I feel that the school schedule was beneficial to my child.:
2. Comments/Suggestions::
3. I feel that my child's teacher communicated well with parents.:
3. Comments/Suggestions:
My child's teacher communicated with me by::
4. I was pleased with the interactions I observed between my child's teacher and students.:
4. Comments/Suggestions:
5. I feel that the home visits made by the teachers were helpful.:
5. Comments/Suggestions:
6. I feel my child benefited from the school program.:
6. Comments/Suggestions:
I feel that my child is prepared for his/her class next school year.:
7. Comments/Suggestions:
I feel that my child has made progress during the preschool year in the following areas: (please check all that apply):
9. I feel that my child's individual needs were met.:
9. Comments/Suggestions:
10. What do you feel were the strengths of the preschool program?:
11. What do you feel were the program's weaknesses or areas in need of improvement?:
12. Would you recommend the preschool program to other parents?:
If not, why?:
Additional Comments or Suggestions?: