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Mission of Yahweh

Volunteers are needed to instruct residents on work place attire, guidance with make-up, grooming and accessorizing.

Organize and host pre-approved parties at times such as Mother’s Day, Easter, and New Year’s.

Organize a drive for work related business, blue collar attire, purses, shoes and accessories.

Help during special Mission Community Outreach Programs that provide school supplies, food and toys; back-to-school and Christmas give outs to 200+ families in the Carverdale area. Events are held August through December

Provide and serve special meals prepared outside the Mission to residents such as pizza, ice cream parties.

Staff the resale shop Mondays–Fridays 8:00 AM-5 PM.

Babysit during Movie Night Fridays 5:30-8:00 PM.

Organize a drive to collect items such as bottled water, diapers, toiletries and food.

Age requirement: Adults or teens with adult supervision.

Mission of Yahweh
10247 Algiers Road
Houston TX 77041

Contact Tonya Frye or 713-466-4785 ext. 107 or fill out the form below and submit response.

Website: Mission of Yahweh

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